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The girl in the shadows
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The girl in the shadows [userpic]

Some asshole stole our Christmas decoration outside. So I wrote them a letter on facebook

*this may contain obsene language*

To the piece of shit who stole our Christmas decoration out front of our house;
This is strike three you bastard! The cops have been notified. You want to steal from us AGAIN? Well I hope you go to plug in the decoration and it electocutes your pathetic ass or any ass you sell it to so you can get your bath salts (which I hope someone eats your face!). I hope yo
u and your family of 70 illegitimate uncared for children have a wonderful holiday season as they receive presents from all the items you have stolen from families who WORK to put food on their table and decorations on their lawns. Just remember karma is a bitch and I'm sure I'll read your name in the police notifications.
Revenge is oh so sweet you ass face!


I would love to put this outside..but I don't want to be as trashy as they are.